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Training with service projects. We help local government to implement the development strategy of the region

Begin 2019.02.19, 10:00 am.

End 2019.02.19, 4 pm.
Meeting place OFFICE OF PROJECT AND EDUCATIONAL CENTER «AGENTS OF CHANGES», Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University

The office of the Project and Educational Center «Agents of Changes» of Precarpathian University, established with the sectoral budget support of the European Union, hosted a training on the development of social projects. The event was attended by the Vice-Rector for Research and Pedagogy of the University Halyna Mykhailyshyn, who is also the Chairman of the Project Competition Board for students and graduate students of the University «Today is a creative idea – tomorrow is a real thing», representatives of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Social Work, Department of Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences. disciplines of the Kolomyia Institute of the Precarpathian University, the Department of Pedagogy of Primary Education, as well as project specialists from the Department of Finance.

The training was conducted by Myroslava Kulesha-Lyubinets, associate professor of the Department of General and Clinical Psychology, head of the successful social project «LIKAR SVIATO» (Holiday Doctor), Tetyana Myhovych, associate professor of finance, participant-developer of several development projects and Svitlana Kropelnytska, head of the Center. At the beginning of the event, Associate Professor Myroslava Kulesha-Lyubinets clarified the main expectations of the participants of the event, told about the features of social projects, focused on the areas of social projects and shared her personal experience of winning the local development competition with the project «LIKAR SVIATO». The participants of the training were interested in the analysis of last year’s winning projects of the All-Ukrainian competition Social Project Awards and coverage of key issues of social planning. The training was conducted using modern interactive equipment purchased under the project, which expands the innovative capabilities of participants. In particular, this is the Moultitouch table, as well as the well-known platform of the project pu.webex.com, which allows all interested parties to participate in events online from anywhere in the world.

Project Specialist, Associate Professor of Finance Tetyana Myhovych paid special attention to various methods of analyzing the project problem, which is a very important component in shaping the concept of any project. The participants were interested in building a problem tree and the «Six Hats» method. Specialists continued the training in an interactive form. Participants had the opportunity to immediately develop ideas for their own projects and formulate the main components of the conceptual form of the project.

In addition to specialists, the participants of the event were also assisted by the head of the Center, project expert, associate professor of finance Svitlana Kropelnytska. She showed the participants the algorithm for developing a project idea from the moment of origin to the generalization of the components of the conceptual note, focused on the rules of formulating the purpose, objectives and results of projects and their relationship. At the end of the training participants discussed further opportunities for cooperation with the Project-Educational Center on information and consulting support of project activities by specialists of the Center.

It will be recalled that the Project-Educational Center forms a database of contact persons from the university departments, strategic directions of development of structural units of the institution, potential types of their cooperation with territorial communities of the region and of course proposals for joint project activities.

The following activities for different types of projects will be carried out by the Change Agents for the formed groups of persons responsible for project activities from the university departments.

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